Frederick Barr

SeaQuest DSV blueprints
“This is artwork from the abandoned book project I worked on for MCA Publishing back in the 1990’s. The project fell prey to the series’ plunging ratings as well as editors who had no idea why people would want an imaginary technical manual for a fictitious vehicle. They wanted a PR-heavy book about the actors and we were at odds throughout the process…”


Josh Hooker/Chris Kuhn

“So I’ve been working with the awesome Josh Hooker on a little project for 2018. For those old enough to remember, that was the year the first 2 seasons of SeaQuest were set in.   Anyway, the ship is a very organic model and one of the most challenging ones to get right. A number of people have tried over the years (including me), but it’s really frustrating. As Josh discovered while working on it, the original model for the show was created by sculpting a physical clay model first and then 3D scanning it into the computer. Which means that even if you got your hands on the original 3D model they used on the show, it would pretty much just be a “vertex cloud”. I knew that re-recreating it was gonna take some serious organic modelling skills, so I asked Josh to tackle the basic shapes (which is what you see here). I think he did an amazing job. I will go through and add stuff like the tail “fins”, EVA doors, missile hatches, windows, and other stuff like that. Then with the new version of Blender coming out, I should be able to produce some pretty nice undersea renders…”


“So here it finally is. It was hard to figure out what version of this model I wanted to release (if any), but I think this is a good choice. It’s accurate to the TV show, which means it doesn’t include all of my extra detailing. It’s 3D printable, for those who just wanted a unique plastic model of the ship.

Model is in STL format and contains 5 total objects: The main body of SeaQuest and the 4 tail fins. You’ll need to print them out separately, obviously. If you want the fins in the “closed” position, you can probably just glue them on as they are. If you want them in the open position, you’ll need to get a little more creative…

You can obviously use this model to do renders and animations as well, although it doesn’t currently have materials or textures assigned, so that will take a bit of work. Enjoy..!”


Download the complete set of Chris & Josh’ SeaQuest vehicle renders here



“Darwin’s VoCorder from SeaQuest…Funny note – the original prop actually had different labels on most of the white buttons, but they didn’t make a lot of sense to me. They said things like “Case/Price/Stock”. So I changed ’em a bit..”

John Martinez


Marc Bell

Dale Metz

Frank Oftring

Stuart Stitt

Matthew Paul Cushman

“I found another set of images filed under ‘did not happen’. I liked this show and was excited to figure the SeaQuest out. I was able to correspond with the studio for help, but when I got serious, the show got cancelled.  Really wanted to finish it too. Perhaps in my retirement years…”