The ADR Sessions


“An ADR editor records the additional dialogue needed to complete a feature film, television drama, and, sometimes, a documentary. ADR stands for ‘automated dialogue replacement‘ and is also referred to as ‘post-synching’. It’s essentially recording extra dialogue in the studio after the film has been captured…”


The audio segments below are culled from the Universal Studios Sound Dept. original tapes of the cast of seaQuest DSV re-recording lost, mis-pronounced or broken dialogue in post production.  These sessions were only discovered recently after decades in storage and provide a fascinating insight into both the actors personalities and the making of the show.

(Listener discretion is advised as these excerpts contain profanity throughout ;))

#01 – ‘Equilibrium’ (Season 3,1995)

Jonathan Brandis sits for his audio ‘punch in dump’ – re-recording lines from the script of the seaQuest 2032 episode ‘Equilibrium‘.  Enjoying banter between takes, Brandis discusses his upcoming meeting with Producer Clifton Campbell, gossip about fellow 2032 cast member Elise Neal and performs a hilarious impersonation of star Roy Scheider…

#02 – ‘Equilibrium’ (Season 3,1995) Cont’d

The session continues with Brandis impression of Darwin and fascination upon discovering his producer Richard had previously worked with George Clinton.  Between takes of his conversaion with Darwin Brandis reprises his Roy Scheider impersonation and, somewhat poignantly, ends the session by saying ‘There’s an Emmy in my future…’