Prop Locker


“What you’re looking at is my effort during the 1990’s to make a difference to the props you saw on TV.  Buck Rogers for example was a failure – poor props –  Battlestar Galactica – semi-decent props.

As a prop maker I wanted to make seaQuest DSV stand out,  so I put an invoice into the production company for a new seaQuest DSV Pulse Pistol. This one included everything the prop master wanted.  This pistol is 4th season, which never went into production, but that did not stop the production company from sending notes for the upcoming season and they were made.

I took my talents and created a new form of weapons and communicators, as well as medical devices and more, enjoy the video.  The fourth season seaQuest DSV Pulse Pistol that was never seen…”

 –  Eric Nagy, Propmaker