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We interrupt our regular programming to bring you this latest addition to the VAULT.  Bill Warren’s Starlog coverage will resume in the next post (featuring an interview with everybody’s favourite Security Chief!) but as you will see, this revelation was too good to wait –

‘seaQuest 4600’ Production-Made Submarine Maquette from ‘seaQuest DSV’ (1993 – ’95)

Finely detailed ‘Desktop model’ made from resin (approx. 15 1/2″ long) sculpted by John Eaves.  Several of these casts were apparently made by the art department during the first season for set dressing, most notably for Captain Nathan Bridger’s (Roy Scheider) quarters.  This particular cast comes from the estate of Michael Moore and is in unfinished condition, with several chips and spots of red filler throughout the underside of the hull.  Two small magnets are also present for mounting onto a stand (finished versions featured a wooden base with a detailed brass plaque) and the model is coated with a dark grey textured paint.  The unique design of seaQuest was finalised by James Lima, who coined the new aesthetic of ‘Nautical Nouveau’ after several more conventional proposals for the exterior of the Sub had been rejected.



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