One Stupendous Submarine…

While I’ve tried to chart the course of seaQuest’s history in a loose but nonetheless chronological order as best I can, occasionally material that’s new to me will surface, and some slips by completely.   Now that the bottom of the In-tray for Season One is finally in sight (has it really been five years already??) an opportunity was taken to look back over posts, and I discovered this piece from November ’93 was one of the latter!

Indeed, its clearly early days as Starlog correspondent Bill Warren strolls around the set (identifying key pieces from the yet-to-be-aired episodes Games and Give Me Liberté as he goes) conveying the atmosphere and pace of the production well.  With cast members affable and excited to be part of the show as ever (including Ted Raimi as – yes! – Mack O’Neill) the trouble behind the scenes is prevalent in this first of the articles from the World’s best sci-fi magazine of the era.

Though Rockne O’Bannon’s vision had been retained (for now) and the direction of the show seems unified at this point, creative casualties (such as Producer Tommy Thompson, see earlier posts) are starting to mount.  Of all the comments made by producer Philip Segal about the show, his musings about man not ‘growing gills and walking into the sea’ bizarrely foreshadowing what was to come is probably the most poignant…



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