Mack And Me Again…

UK Starburst reporter Pat Jankiewicz picks up up from where US Starlog (below) left off for the ’94/’95 Yearbook.  Though apparently well into season 2 at the time of writing, Ted Raimi’s character Lieutenant Tim O’Neill is still being referred to as Mack in the ‘talking Dolphin show’.

And speaking of Darwin, Raimi expresses his delight at the storyline from season 1’s ‘Hide & Seek’ being reprised for season 2 while revealing the that not only is the Dolphin fake for much of the time but that star Roy Schieder had particular fondness of the real one.  While Raimi speaks fondly of his ‘rambunctious’ co-star (and his enduring association with a little movie called JAWS) and his love of jokes on the topic, apparently Raimi’s impressions of his colleagues on the show were the stuff of legend.

Also of interest are Raimi’s observations of Director of the aforementioned Shark tale and Exec. Producer for seaQuest, Steven Spielberg – whom he suggests was much more pro-active behind the scenes than what was generally thought.  Recalling their introduction as similar to ‘meeting someone’s dad’ Raimi nonetheless confirms that it was indeed Spielberg’s show…



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