The Trials Of Rockne…

The evolution of seaQuest through vintage print media continues with the candid insights of show creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, who infamously jumped ship after submitting the pilot script.  While the SQV will feature several of O’Bannon’s accounts in future posts, this cover story from Starburst #187  is as good a place as any to chart the show’s troubled course with a great interview by Joe Nazzaro.

At the time of publishing (March 1994) seaQuest had been inexplicably pulled from the schedules in the UK, only serving to further alienate its audience .  Thankfully, the coverage here meant the show didn’t disappear off the radar completely and those wishing to catch upon episodes would benefit from the thin critique of David Bassom’s episode guide until the remainder of the first season aired…



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